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Adoption FAQs

What are your adoption requirements?

In order to adopt a dog from Paws for Miles, you must meet the below criteria:

  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Provide identification.
  • Provide vet contact.
    • Current dogs must be up to date on all vaccines, spayed/neutered.
  • Own your home or rent, with landlord information provided.
  • Pay the adoption fee; our adoption fee is typically $500.

Can I  stop by and meet a dog?

We are a foster home-based rescue, meaning we do not have a physical location like a shelter or kennel. All of our adoptable dogs live in foster homes with families until they are adopted. In order to meet an adoptable dog, you must fill out an application and be approved to adopt before we can arrange a meet & greet.

How much does it cost to adopt a dog?

Typically our adoption fees are $400-500.

What do the adoption fees cover?

All of our dogs are fully vetted, including spay/neuter prior to being adopted. We also provide the foster homes with all necessary items to care for the dogs while being fostered, this includes food, bedding, collar, leash etc. The fees also cover costs to transport, microchip, etc.

What does the adoption process look like?

Once you submit your adoption application, a member of the team reviews the information. This includes:

  • Verifying residence (i.e. county auditor site, calling landlord)
  • Checking employment
  • Contacting vet

This can take a few days. If there are no issues we will approve and move forward with the adoption. If something does come that is easily addressable (i.e. updating other pets’ vaccines), we will contact you to discuss.

What if more than one person applies for the same dog?

We process applications in the order in which they are received. Not everyone is approved, many times it may take a few applications before we find the right fit for a dog. If you are a great candidate and the dog you were interested in is no longer available we can work with you to identify a different dog in our care (one that may not yet be listed) or keep you on a “watch list” for future intakes.

What if I am interested in a dog, but do not live near Paws for Miles?

We can adopt to individuals who do not live in our area, assuming you meet all of our adoption requirements. We can either help to arrange transport or work with you on travel dates to pick up your new family member.

I do not have a fenced yard, does that mean I cannot adopt?

While some rescues do require a fenced yard, we look at each application individually and get to know our adopters, each dog and situations. Though fenced yards may be best to ensure the safety of each dog, not all dogs need a fenced yard and other accommodations may work just as well.

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